The WiFi Reports – The Best WiFi Jobs

Careers in the Wifi industry are projected to grow through 2012. However, with the recent downturn in the global economy, the salaries are not what they used to be. With any salary range for any industry, look at the low range regardless of experience. The law of supply and demand is in play and there are a lot of people out of work in many industries. Unemployed people are flocking back to colleges to gain more education in perceived high demand fields projected beyond the next five years.

Medical industry-projected growth due to aging baby boomers. Hospitals with the high tech equipment will be major employers. Maintenance and systems Best WiFi 6 Router France analysts will be the careers of choice in this industry that are not directly medical related. Look for a salary range of approximately $20K-$95k.

Computer Application Software Engineers-designing and developing new computer software while incorporation new technology and a larger range of applications. There will be a large demand for all programming languages in the current pipeline.Think iPhone apps on steroids. Salary range $20K-$95K.

Wind Technology-Watch this new field as it continues to gain footing. With over 30,000 wind turbines already up and running and enormous growth projected, everybody from field techs to software engineers will be in high demand. Looks like the government has taken a special interest in this industry and plans to throw some money at it. Hopefully it will have a positive impact. Salary range- $30k-$105k. Check out Community Colleges for the latest job trends in this industry.


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