Google Plans To Launch A Web Store For Tablets

Selling and purchasing online has become the latest buzzword in the market these days. It is evident through various market research agencies, that web retailing and internet shopping is the talk of the town.  No wonder rather than going out and struggling hard for the required product, the customer can purchase best products at competitive prices, just at one click. These days it has become one of the most efficient and convenient ways of shopping. Flex electricians

Every aspiring and established manufacturer and retailer wants its products to be displayed on these web stores; and software biggie “GOOGLE” is no exception. Optimum Traders

Latest buzz coming straight from Wall Street Journal, confirms Google’s interest in selling its tablets online. They have plans to launch an online mega store to sell products not only of Google, but from other market big shots like Samsung. Lifes Vitals

Another influence on the decision could be the fact that Google is poised to take control of Motorola’s mobile division, which will give it the ability to manufacture its own handsets and tablets. Inside the story

It seems Google has all strategies in place to woo the customers, to sell its android based tablets. This planning can be assumed as an attempt to outgrow “Apple’s” market share. Not to forget about the Google’s first online hardware store to sell “The nexus one” android phone. Its sales were very slow and compared to number of handsets sold by other mobile operators it became a nightmare for Google. These sales were ended in 2010. Mega News Web

Google was not very successful with this venture, so some improved strategies can definitely be smelled. Real roles

This time Google is expecting a better response as they have improved the modes of use of their tablets. These can be used at homes and through WI-fi networks. The scepticisle Google definitely does not want to loose on any front.

An important point to be considered here is that “Apple” is 70% stake holder in the market when it comes to selling its tablet “iPad”. And Google has to put all its efforts in place to defeat Apple. For more info please visit these sites:-

Amazon launched a touch screen Kindle e-reader in the US in late 2011 and the gadget will come to Europe in late April.In addition, Microsoft’s Windows 8, which is optimised for touch screens, is expected to be launched in October 2012.


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