Latest Hair Loss News – This is Important

Some of the hair loss news from the last few years has been encouraging. Some has been rather depressing for those of us that have male or female pattern sophiazimmermann baldness. Some of the latest research isn’t really news at all, but it does confirm one of the popular theories concerning hereditary alopecia.

For many years it was suspected that male and female pattern baldness is hereditary. The suspicion was so strong that doctors were already using terms retroconsolas like hereditary alopecia and genetic-sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone, but there was only observational “proof” of the genetic connection, until February of 2008.

In that year, researchers at the University of Bonn in Germany were able to prove that certain genes are involved in two distinct forms of alopecia and that people with inherited baldness have those genes. In May 2009, researchers in Japan identified another gene responsible for alopecia. hugsy Identifying these genes opens the door for new research, but it will be years before the research yields a treatment.

In Australian hair loss news from 2009, we learned that a product marketed as the “Leimo laser” probably does not work. The Therapeutic Goods Association stated that there is no evidence that low-level laser light therapy can stimulate hair regrowth, reverse alopecia or even reverse thinning.

A similar device called the Hairmax Lasercomb is being sold in the US with FDA approval, but not because it has been proven safe or effective. It is nearly the same as products optoki that were sold prior to 1976. Devices that were sold before that date can be sold without proof of safety or effectiveness.

So, just because you see something advertised on TV or the internet, you can’t automatically assume that it is safe, effective or a worthwhile investment of your hard earned dollars. High price certainly doesn’t mean highly effective. The Hairmax Lasercomb randygoodwin retails for over $500 USD and there’s no reason to think it might work.

In older hair loss news, we learned about a drug that works for men and a topically applied solution called Minoxidil that works for both men and women. Both are still on the market.

The drug is called finasteride, although another called dutasteride is being prescribed, even though it has yet to receive FDA approval for the purpose of treating baldness. The drugs work by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Both are male hormones, but only DHT is involved in male and female pattern baldness.

In hair loss news from June 2009, Dr John Crisler, who specializes in treating men with hormonal problems, reported that finasteride can cause sexual side effects that last even after the drug treatment is discontinued. The sexual side effects include erectile dysfunction.

His suggestion is that using the drug for the treatment of baldness should be avoided, because of the risks of permanent erectile dysfunction. Since dutasteride is very similar, on a molecular level, to finasteride, it can be assumed that the same side effects would accompany its use.

Minoxidil might not be the latest hair loss news, but it works for hereditary hair loss and it is completely safe. So, if you want to try a product right now, not years from now, try Minoxidil. It’s available without a prescription.


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