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If it’s been a while since you set up the security in your home then there might be a fair chance that you are still using an analogue recording device that records onto VHS tapes. It may not surprise you to learn that security and surveillance have moved on since then, techsifts but it is likely to surprise just what is now commonplace in security features if you have not been following the latest developments.

Firstly you might be impressed to learn of the advantages of a digital surveillance camera over an analogue one. You will be able to first and foremost record on multiple channels so that you are simultaneously recording from multiple cameras and thereby don’t Techjunkien miss any of the good stuff. Also impressive is the fact that you can store huge amounts of this data with no need for any physical space in which to store it. You don’t need to stack tapes any more – it all exists in files. These file formats are also changeable in size of course and you can set the frame rate and definition in order to choose just how much of either you want.

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Then there’s the fact that you can also upgrade to an IP camera. This now means that not only are there no storage devices, but that there are also no wires. Your IP camera will instead send your footage via a wireless internet connection, meaning that you can place your IP camera anywhere without having to drill holes in walls. It’s incredibly easy to set up and far more flexible in how it can be used and changed.

There are additional features you can use with an IP camera however too, and particularly if you are using software such as NUUO NVR. NUUO NVR is a software package that will enable you to view the footage filmed from your security cameras remotely, but more than that, that will enable you to watch it on your smart phone, your PDA or your tablet PC. You could even stream it on your website to give a ‘live feed’ for viewers (meaning it has far more than just security application).

If this isn’t impressive enough, NUUO NVR also provides you with video analysis, which will analyse the contents of your footage to ascertain what is occurring on the screen and then act accordingly. For instance then, it will be able to tell if someone is entering the property and to differentiate this from if say a cat was entering the property or a leaf was blowing across the floor. It could then use VOIP in order to call you (depending on your IP security set up) and some cameras will even enable you to speak through them to ask who’s there. The cameras meanwhile will only record if there’s movement, so you won’t have large files full of blank footage to sift through.

Imagine then an IP security set up, where you carry with you just a smart phone and are miles away from the office or warehouse. Then when there’s a problem you get a phone call, and upon answering it you can load up your software and look through the camera yourself before deciding which course of action to take. This is a reality… perhaps it’s time for an upgrade?


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